The deep longing for your true calling is waiting within you.
You have been sensing for a long time that you carry healing abilities within you.
You finally want to retrieve your very own healing knowledge NOW.

INSHA 1 Training in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia:

Date: June 29 – July 14, 2019
Fee: 3.400,00 Euro
Teacher: Insha & Joshua
Contact: Insha, insha@insha.org

INSHA 1 Training in Taiwan:

Date: October 20 – November 3, 2018
Fee: 120.000,00 TWD
Location:Taiwan (will be announced)
Teacher: Insha & Joshua
Contact: Laya, healfromarts@gmail.com

INSHA 2 Training in Taiwan:

Date: 1.Block: November 2 – November 10, 2019;
2.Block: April 11 – April 19, 2020
TOTAL-Fee: 226.000,00 TWD
Location: LuckyOne Hostel, Changji Street, Datong District, Taipei City, 103
Teacher: Insha & Joshua
Contact: Laya, healfromarts@gmail.com


The training, which guides you to remember, consists in total of 15 days, 6 blocks each lasting 2 days.That way you have enough time in between, to deepen the learned, but also to relax and to explore.

Let yourself be recognized as a „Healer of the Age of Aquarius.“ These healers are Healing Priests from the times of Atlantis who can let themselves be reconnected to their knowledge today through Insha and her teachers. Their very own healing abilities are reactivated. They are beings of great devotion and love for humankind.

The initiation into the 7 holy healing sources of the Divine Mother connects you to information, that help you to deal with disease patterns in a new way in accordance with the heightened frequency of the Age of Aquarius. Through your remembrance you become a Healer of the Golden Age.

The Insha Academy will be giving the Healing Trainings for the first time in Taiwan and Malaysia. A mix of learning, exchange, practice and evenings spent together in a relaxed atmosphere is the recipe for maximal well-being and deep immersion into the spiritual dimensions of healing.


Insha Holz

As healer and Spiritual Teacher I recognize you, look into your soul, feel your pain, and simultaneously see your immense potentials. Many healers from the times of Atlantis are ready today to follow their deep longing to overcome their pain, to remember their own healing abilities, to become whole again and to be a healer in the service for humankind. In my trainings healing channels open in an incredible short time. Live your calling and let yourself be recognized by me as Healer of the Age of Aquarius.

Joshua H. Tutzer

The answers from the spiritual realms allow us to enter new realms of consciousness. We all have questions about our own spiritual origin and concerning our own happiness. I hold a space for you, so you can take a liberated look into yourself on your path to remembering your healing knowledge. Answers from the spiritual realms are free from human judgements and ideas. They allow a new perspective on one’e own life and free the power to express oneself. Your courage and the quest for your self open the door to your spiritual consciousness and the consciousness of your healing abilities.


Laya Wu

Taiwan, Taipei

Rohma Hung

Taiwan, Tamsui

Bonshuwa Chua

Malaysia, Petaling Jaya


Traumata of incarnation from this or past lives can be pacified and brought into the light using the INSHA healing methods. Deep genetic causes for disease, which we have taken up from our family, can be resolved in this way. We learn to harmonise the brain waves so that the body can find its balance. Light information stored in the spine are directed from ‘wanting‘ to ‘devotion to love’. The flow of light of one’s own evolving power then flows unhindered through the spine. The flow of life frees itself within us, without us losing ourselves in our shadows. The INSHA healing methods are holistic treatment methods, which reinstate via the brain waves and light paths of the body the connection between body, mind and soul.
At the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, the human race enters into a new evolutionary spiritual development phase with new cosmic knowledge. The new Age is supported by the planet Uranus. Uranus is the leading planet in the Age of Aquarius and symbolises the complex evolutionary development of the human race. It represents the new, the unknown and is a symbol for revolution and individuation.
In the Age of Aquarius, the human race is led away from idealogical beliefs and dogmas and toward higher spiritual knowledge. True spiritual knowledge is not attached to human beliefs, but is tangible and for us to live.
The true highest spiritual knowledge is known to human kind since the the beginning of time in the form of the Vedas (ancient holy writings of hinduism), and was given to the apostles on Whitsunday as a special state of consciousness, where they could speak and understand all languages.
Astrologically speaking, Uranus is not only assigned to the highest knowledge but also to Logos, the holy spirit. With entering the Age of Aquarius, we receive access to ancient knowledge, healing methods and rituals.
The INSHA – healing methods convey the light of the Age of Aquarius and the new energy with which we can work. They support the body in adapting to the light, transparency and subtleness, in taking up, implementing and living light. The INSHA – healing knowledge allows us to exist as light beings in the material world and thereby opens up our potential on the spiritual and physical levels.

INSHA I – the new healing methods of the Age of Aquarius

The INSHA I training comprises the knowledge and treatment methods of the brain waves and the currents of the spine. Through the initiation into the 7 holy sources of the Divine Mother, information are released, which help us to deal in a new way with disease patterns using the higher vibrations of the Age of Aquarius. The INSHA I training conveys the knowledge of how to stimulate self-healing powers in people, so that ailments and disease patterns, which have already manifested in the subtle field or are physically recognisable, can be dealt with responsibly.
This basic training, given every half-year, provides the participants with a completely new approach to recognising the body, mind and soul as a unit and to work holistically. The INSHA I training is directed towards anyone who feels drawn to healing or is active in the healthcare profession. Established spiritual and practical skills are conveyed as well as the broadening of your perception so that your desire for healing can become a reality. During the training, lectures, meditation, initiation and practical exercises are used to remind you of your healing ability, and to strengthen and train this ability.

INSHA 1 Training

✓ healing of the life/death point
✓ charging of the kidney chi
✓ the subtle bodies (astral body connection, emotional body, work on the emotional body, causal body)
✓ to consciously integrate and heal soul recollections in the brain center line and their equivalent in the spine
✓ to recognise and change key points of genetic nature in the brain inherited from parents as well as karmic disease patterns inherited from family
✓ the five elements and meridians in the body in relation to the brain waves
✓ execution of meridian balancing work
✓ chakra information in the brain and connection of these information to the brain waves
✓ balance and healing of chakras in the brain and body
✓ meaning of the brain rhythm central points/BRCPt
✓ balance of the brain waves through the BRCPt
✓ dissolving of the physical, emotional, mental and causal structures
✓ aura rings
✓ healing through sound
✓ work with the fire crystal
✓ the holy points of the feet
✓ the secret of the cerebral cortex

Work on the life point

Many people feel that they have not properly arrived on Earth. This feeling often stems from a birth trauma. Here work on the birth point begins. The birth point is connected through the metal element of the 5 elements cycle with the body. The energetic work on the birth point relates back to this point. The first element activated upon birth, is the metal element. Its corresponding organs are the lungs and the large intestine. Here resonances to the inner and outer breathing organs and to the digestive tract are found. Recovery processes are accelerated through work on the birth point and activation of the element cycle.

Charging of the kidney chi

Our kidneys carry a large part of our life energy (chi) and distribute it in the body. When we are subjected to stress or other straining situations in our life, then more kidney chi is needed by the body. The kidney chi thereby diminishes quicker with detrimental effects. Charging the kidney chi replenishes the body’s vitality, making you feel more active and balanced ready to tap your full life potential.
Consciously integrating and healing soul recollections in the brain center line and their equivalent in the spine Back pain is one of the common ailments of today’s society. The spine is subjected to most physical strain. If you add emotional strain as well, then you find direct amplification in the spine. Pain in the spine and the back therefore often signifies, apart from the physical causes, a theme in your life that is not lived or is blocked. When resistances in the spine are dissolved and life aspects are consciously re-integrated, then the body enters an effective, holistic self-healing process.

Parent-karma release

Our parent’s heritage is the sum of what we learn from them and what they genetically inherit us. Parent-karma release focuses on the quality of the genetic heritage. The genetic code is inherited from generation to generation. Here lies the cause for specific diseases which seem to run in the family; a tendency for addiction, very specific destructive thought processes observed in other family members and much more. The goal of parent-karma release is to free the person from these family ties, dependencies, diseases and burdens. Hereby the person is released of anything that no longer belongs to them, has become oblivious or rather is no longer needed for growth and learning. The release, the
healing process, that the person goes through, is incomparable and so important that the individual has to orientate themselves in their new found freedom. This may unsettle at first and lead to misunderstandings or protests. But what new beginning which has been longed for hasn’t got this effect?


UNIT 1: 1st & 2nd Healing Sources
Day 1
9 am – 6 pm*:
Opening & Introduction to the training
The Life Point/Death Point
Day 2
9 am – 6 pm*:
The Light Body (Aura)
Day 3: Day off, evening gathering
UNIT 2: 3rd & 4th Healing Sources
Day 4
9 am – 6 pm*:
The Spinal Column, Brain Center Line
Day 5
9 am – 6 pm*:
Parent Karma Release
Day 6: Day off
UNIT 3: 4th & 5th Healing Sources
Day 7
9 am – 6 pm*:
The Meridians – and the Five Elements
Day 8
9 am – 6 pm*:
The Chakras
Day 9: Day off, evening gathering
UNIT 4: 6th Healing Source
Day 10
9 am – 6 pm*:
Brain Waves – part 1
Day 11
9 am – 6 pm*:
Brain Waves – part 2
Brain Waves – part 3 – Harmonize Brain Waves with sound
Day 12: Day off
UNIT 5: 7th Healing Source
Day 13
9 am – 6 pm*:
Transformation with Fire
The Six Holy Points of the Feet
Day 14
9 am – 6 pm*:
Secrets of the Cerebral Cortex
Experience your own unique soul qualities
UNIT 6: Certification Day
Day 15
9 am – 6 pm*:
Healing of the Death Point and past traumas
Certification and Ceremony

*Lunch break from 1-3 pm.

❛LECTURE IN MUNICH-GERMANY 2011❜youtube-logo


Insha-HOLZI’d like to welcome you all. I am Insha. And I am amazed at how many people are here today. I didn’t expect that at all, but I am very pleased to be able to tell you about something and to lead you into an experience with something. I want to talk about myself, what I do and the important thing for me: the healing methods of the Age of Aquarius, and the star knowledge, the times of Atlantis, and this is what I want to lead you into later on. So I will talk about myself, the healing methods, the school, and then you will recognise that they come from the star knowledge from the knowledge of our origin, our star origin, where everyone has their home. Everyone has their own home from where they originated. This is what constitutes our being, the home we were longing for. It is the part of our being, which incarnated onto Earth and the other part, which remained in our heaven.

And after I have talked about the healing methods, the remembering of these healing methods, because even though it is taught in the training, it is a remembering of these methods.

So I was talking about our star knowledge, about our star home, from where we all originated, where we decided to come to Earth, and where we still long for the part that remained behind. And thankfully we have reached a time, where we can access this part that is still in Heaven, and bring it to Earth. And this is also to do with the healing methods, which I teach. I have already taught 700 healers or rather helped them remember. So after I have talked, I want to first of all take you on a journey into your own heaven with the help of my shamanic abilities and those that come with being a spiritual teacher. And I want you to get a feeling of what it is like in your heaven. And then I want to lead you to Atlantis, so that you can simply see for yourself, because you are here for a reason, as this is on your path. Did I decide all this time ago to incarnate into the current time to serve humanity, so that the human beings can enter the golden age, which we are rushing into now, and which is not so easy for many people? This is what I want to do in the next 1 ½ hours.

I am Insha. I am a healer and a white shaman. I have been a healer for many many years, but have consciously been a healer for almost 20 years now. Although as a child I already possessed healing abilities. My mother always told me that I had placed my hands onto people to heal them. And then I forgot in the course of growing up like many of us do. Approximately 20 years ago I started to go back to that healing knowledge by doing Reiki, which I still find a wonderful technique to realise that you have energy and that you can use it for yourself and others. So this is how my path started through many spiritual healing training courses.
After a while I reached a point in my life (like many do), where my life wasn’t going so well anymore. I had been running a business for almost 20 years and had been doing the spiritual things on the side. Well, my very successful business at the time went bust. I had made millions of returns like many people in the early 1980s in the computer industry, so I had many fears. I was afraid to have nothing. But looking back now it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I thought for a good two years that I would end up under a bridge somewhere, and would never surface again. And today I think it was what it was. I believed that at some point something new would come along, and it did. I was able to sell my business, which I had thought was a goner, and I wouldn’t have had to work another day in my life. But I had asked God that if I managed to salvage something from this business bust that he should provide me with something new from which I could get up every morning and sustain myself from within. Because I think this is the important thing, there are no securities in life. The important thing is that we realise we can show ourselves. I am still very nervous of putting myself out there, but back then I was even afraid to answer the phone. A lot has happened. Today it is possible to show our qualities and to share them with our fellow human beings in an authentic way. We can help them to recognise themselves, because that is what it’s all about.
Back in the day, when my business had gone bust, but I knew I would go on this spiritual path, I met a wonderful woman, who did Feng Shui in my company. And I think that because of this spiritual Feng Shui, I was able to sell my company. And she introduced me to the tradition of fire. I have been in that tradition ever since and fire is equal to love. But this doesn’t mean that when you are in this tradition and you have a teacher (mine is Agni), that you are love straight away. It is rather a long laborious path to recognise that everyone is a loving being and to feel that from within. So in other words, how can I feel love from within instead of searching for it in others, or expecting it to come from outer sources? I am love and can give that to other people.
I have been trained in the tradition of Agni to be a spiritual consultant and teacher. From these trainings I first came to these healing methods of the Age of Aquarius as we learned to read information from the spiritual world. Even entire books can be read.

Akashic records

A friend of mine, Durga, has the ability to read very well from the spiritual world. And she began approx. 15 years ago to read seminars and trainings from the spiritual world. And I said: “Please could you see what is there for me?” I had no idea of what to expect. So when she called me and said you have a training involving the healing methods of the Age of Aquarius, working on human genes, the flow within the body and to influence this flow, so that the people can transcend into the new age effortlessly, I was astonished. As you know, sometimes it is very difficult for modern medicine despite all their wonderful diagnostical equipment to determine the cause of pain. This pain could be anywhere and of course painkillers can be prescribed, but recognising the cause is very difficult.

So, Durga read this for me. I have always been a doubter, and had always needed proof in my life, but I had received so much proof, that I trusted this information. I had never heard of what had been read for me. During the first training I did, there were seven people to whom I taught these methods. At the same time I discovered them for myself. And it worked. It was a very wonderful experience, that when you trust in something, that when someone else enters your heaven and brings your qualities for yourself to Earth, then you can live that very well and integrate that very well into your life. And therefore you become more and more authentic, because you live yourself.

Healing Priests in the Age of Aquarius

So 13 years ago I started giving this training of the healing methods of the Age of Aquarius, and I know now that the people that take part in this training are known as healing priests, because we serve humanity in absolute divinity through our hands. Our hands are the biggest treasure that we have. The hands basically do everything. They are our perception organs. You do not necessarily need to be able to perceive with the third eye, as the hands guide us to where we need to go.

The healing priests work with their hands and I know that the healing priests, who incarnated today and recognise that they are healing priests in their heart and want to live like one, that they decided to do this a very long time ago. It is said that the time of Atlantis was between 13000 and 26000 years ago. However long ago it was, I am sure there was a time of a rise and a golden age of Atlantis and finally a fall. A few thousand years before the ‘fall’ of Atlantis, I believe there was a golden age. For me that means that the beings that were incarnated back then, were not in the duality of the times, but were in unity. Being in unity means just being love. However we cannot experience ourselves in love, we just are. Experiencing ourselves is a great thing, but if we like it today I am not so sure. Our soul doesn’t want anything more than to experience itself and life. So in the times of the fall of Atlantis, the beings put a wish to God saying that they wanted to experience themselves again. When you want to experience yourself again, then the times had to change. Then we go from unity into duality. But how can this happen? So God could only create darkness. Nowadays we don’t want to know about darkness. But darkness lets us experience both, that we can experience both within ourselves, that we are both and that both are wonderful in unity with each other. So the dark ages began, and the beings back then were so much subtler, their bodies weren’t like ours. But they started to develop bodies like we have them today. And that knowledge, which I have, (I can only tell you what I know) I can tell you that it is very painful to have to go from a lightful body to a physical body.

We can go in the spiritual world into the temple of knowledge and can read texts describing a being. That means we can read for a person, who they are, where they come from, what they had back then, what qualities they possessed then, why they came to Earth, what they wanted to do on Earth with their qualities and what their task is.

I received a text like that and from this text I knew that I was in Atlantis and called into the worlds to find those beings that would help me in making the transition from the lightful body into a physical body less painful for these beings. Only very holy beings from all worlds answered my call, who themselves had a very great healing ability in their own world. And they came to Earth in absolute devotion to serve the beings on Earth. And together in Atlantis we worked on the genetic currents, to be able to help the beings form a physical body.

Then the different healing methods experienced the fall. I am not going to talk more about how bad it was and how bad we felt as we tried to protect our knowledge and how we lost ourselves.

Then Atlantis went, and the healing methods partly moved on to the Incas and later to Egypt, but no longer had that original purity, they were tarnished by duality. And then God took them from Earth, as far as I know. And they were only brought back a few years ago.

And a few years ago, my friend Durga helped me understand that I had come back into this life to re-initiate these healing methods and to call all those beings again. Because now is the time for us to move back from duality into unity. Our bodies are changing, that is why we sometimes have pain, which medicine cannot explain. Some have joint ache, yet the doctor says there is nothing wrong with them. Some cannot digest their food anymore, but there are methods for relieving these symptoms. The nervous system, which is trembling at the moment, can receive relief. We can heal birth trauma and death trauma. More on this later.
Today the healing priests return, and recognise themselves again. I am calling out: “Come if your heart calls you here. If you feel a desire in your heart, then allow me to help you remember. And give yourself back to the people, share your knowledge.” Of course we take money, but it is for our time as these healing methods are priceless. It is a service.

Healing Priest Training

Let me explain how you can become a complete healer in just 10 days. When you remember it is very easy. I cannot teach it, but when I recognise someone as a healing priest from Atlantis, then this entitles them to this access. You could have been a shoe sales person and not have done anything spiritual in your life, and I recognise you, then you can do this training. It is a memory. The ones I recognise remember that they have done this a long time, and my trust in their abilities is very great, probably even greater than the trust they have in themselves at that moment.

Today, I will only talk about the first 4 days of the training, so you can get an insight into how this great knowledge comes back to you. Of course before you apply your remembered knowledge to clients you have to experience it on yourself. We work on ourselves, and heal ourselves. So on the first day in the morning we heal our birth trauma. We will experience that the soul that enters the body with all its karmic information and everything that it decided to achieve on Earth, only completely enters the body upon birth, i.e. when the baby’s head crowns. The soul light is always present during pregnancy, and the mothers amongst you will remember that this light is sometimes more present than at other times, but never fully there before birth. It is only upon birth that all of which we chose to come to Earth with integrates itself into our body. This means that when the head of a baby crowns, the first initiation, the initiation into life, occurs.

On the back of the head approximately on the same level with the brain stem, there is an energetic channel to the centre of our brain, where there is a small initiation space, which I will of course name in the training. And a psychiatrist, who took part in the first training, told me that this point had not yet been researched scientifically. And I thought: “Yes, something’s right! There is something there.” We call this point the birth-death point, which has an energetic channel to this little initiation space. And in the moment when the head crowns, three high spirits of life are present. These three high spirits of life initiate every life. The soul enters the body through the birth-death point to this initiation space. The high spirits initiate the life, and in this moment Chi, Prana, the life energy is pulled in from the top and connects in this initiation space with the soul light. Then this continues into the chest area, where it initiates the five-element cycle. The five elements are connected to the meridians and all of the organs. And the first element that this prana soul energy meets is metal. The metal element is connected with the lungs and the large intestine. So we take our first breath and cry and have our first digestion. Then this continues, all the other organs are initiated. This all happens in a fraction of a second enabling a life outside the mothers womb.

But what happens when a birth does not go as planned? Then the flow of soul light is disrupted and only a part of the soul light enters the body and is initiated. The other part remains in their aura. It is always there, but not inside the body. This means that the person only gets so much chi initiated as is equivalent to the amount of soul light. So the five element cycle is not fully initiated and these people feel as though they are not fully there. ‘What am I doing here? Can’t I go somewhere else?‘ I had a friend, who once said she wanted to go home. And I said: (this was also here in Munich) “You are at home.” And she replied: “I don’t mean that kind of home, I mean Heaven.” This is where I started to deal with the issue of death. I still have great respect for death. It is very important that we are fully inside our bodies with all our potential, because otherwise disease will arise. Many kinds of diseases are caused by our inability to completely unite our soul light with our body.

But why are there births that do not go as planned? I’ll tell you my theory. We get so excited in Heaven, so we start packing our backpack and fill it more and more. In the womb it is still nice and cosy, but then the birthing process starts and we say ‘Oh no, I don’t want this!’ So we hit the brakes and hold back in the body of the mother. So it’s no-ones fault. We decide that this heaviness of Earth, that it’s not for us, but we cannot return. We are born nonetheless. So we deny ourselves up to the point, where we are not fully in our body and therefore the first diseases arise. So this is the first thing we do and learn in the training, to bring the soul back into the body by receiving the first initiation into the hand and making contact with the soul and bringing them back. You can treat the worst birth trauma with this technique. The biggest fears of life can come up during this technique, and you can give support. And give the people a fair chance to stand on Earth with both feet and be able to manifest their being.

You learn or rather you remember how to do this. You just do it and it works. In the afternoon we work on death trauma. All traumas came about, because we didn’t die in devotion in our previous incarnations. Because we were murdered or because we didn’t believe in God or whatever. There are many possibilities as to why we didn’t die in devotion in our previous lives. That means we leave through this point, our soul leaves the body and is shaken by a powerful energy, called Shiva death manifestation energy, so that the soul can remove itself from the body. And when we are not devoted, then only part of the soul removes itself. The rest remains in the body, or when there are many people that say ‘Oh, why don’t you stay?’ and ‘You can’t go yet!’ or whatever. But eventually this energy becomes so strong that the rest also removes itself. So the rest of the soul joins the already removed part, but it is now like a scattered soul structure. Sometimes people say ‘Oh, I feel so scattered!’, and when I look at their soul and I see this structure, then sometimes I wonder how people can even exist on Earth with such scattered structures. So this is what I do with you on that afternoon, death point healing. And you are initiated into this death point healing method, which you can only perform right at the end of the training after you have learned to do all of the other things, because the initiation takes this long and it takes some time for you to feel confident in what you are doing. The death point healing involves you making contact with this Shiva death manifestation energy through the feet of your client, and using it to expel all of the soul, immediately capturing it in a protective bell, and observing the soul until all scattered parts have fully reconnected with each other. When the soul is complete again, then great healing takes place. I have made such great experiences with the death point healing method, but there is not enough time to tell them all now. But I want to tell why a death point healing method is important. First we had very good experiences with the diseases Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. Healing priests with parents suffering from Parkinson’s performed this method with them and they showed great improvement. They weren’t cured, but considerably better.

Everything I teach, I know from my own experience. When you have the feeling of not being in the right place and people don’t even see you. I can do whatever I want, I don’t belong to any groups, I don’t have close friends that are always around, I go to the disco and no-one dances with me. My mother made me go to dancing school, and I took her to a different graduation ball, as I was ashamed of her finding out that no-one would dance with me. So I thought I was stupid and ugly, and I always felt very fat. But why did this happen? I had subconsciously built an energetic wall around me, so that no-one could recognise me. No-one could even feel my energy. When someone managed to break through this wall, then I had a great evening. Eventually though I stopped going as no-one actually saw me. But when this energetic wall exists, because we are afraid to get hurt, then this great love, which we have, cannot reach out. We want to make people happy and share our love. We are always helpful. When someone asks ‘Can you help me move?’ then of course we do it just so that at one point we get to hear what a great person we are. But to actually feel us and have others feel our love does not really happen. With the death point healing method, when the soul is one again in its light, the energetic wall begins to break, first a little, and then suddenly this love, which we have within us reaches other people and then this love is returned to us. And then the wall keeps breaking until we can fully share our love and can be recognised by others as a loving being. This is the death point healing method and all of this happens on the first day.

The second day involves us learning that we have subtle bodies besides our physical body, i.e. astral body, emotional body and causal body and what we can do with them, and how we can with our hands explore the astral body. Is it hurt in some places? Where can we heal the astral body? Is it even possible to heal the astral body? Can we determine whether it is shifted to a side? Is it fully attached, or is it completely turned inside out, and how does that feel?
Then with our hands we can determine the emotions: what they are, what they feel like in the emotional body. How do I clean the emotional body from emotions, as they can harden when they are in the emotional body for too long. This causes disease. So our hands become initiated again and again. And we learn to feel and recognise what emotion is lying there, what theme of life prevents me from being healed within.
And finally we go to the causal body, which carries all our qualities and karma, with which we make contact later on in the training. These are the first two days, and I think you can see already that such a load of information, even when you have previous knowledge, is very overwhelming as you can achieve so much with it.

Do you want to hear about another day? What time is it? Ok we’ve got some time.

Each part always consists of two days held over a weekend. And there are always approximately 6 weeks in between each part. In the second part of the training, we learn to work with the spine. We learn that the spine is our strongest will organ, that the spine has a light channel and that the spine reflects all of what we live in our life in contrast to our brain centre line, which is the second thing we make contact with. So the line located between the two hemispheres is, where our heritage lies. The healing priests learn through their fingers, through their hands to read this heritage, here is the birth point, here is the death point, and can accurately read what the life of the other person should look like. What did they want to achieve in this life? What tasks did they set themselves? What ups and downs did they want to experience in their life? And then I go to the spine and feel with my hands how did they live that life. And then I soften the spine with healing energy, so that it is devoted and open to healing. The birth point is at the tailbone and the death point meets the brain centre line. So then I balance the two, so that the life they wanted to lead becomes one with the life they are leading. This has the effect that in the shortest period of time the most severe back pain just vanishes.
I can tell you about this example concerning my lovely husband back there. Many years ago he came to my training (not the healing priest training) and on the fourth day, he said: “I don’t think I can continue, I have such bad back pain, I haven’t slept for four days, in the exchange rounds I couldn’t feel or see anything.” And people had said that he was such a fun character and he is just miserable right now. And on the fourth day, he said he had such bad back pain already for years now, (darling please correct me if I’m wrong) that he could only get up in the morning when he did Yoga exercises. So I said: “Before you go, I can do something.” This was in Amritabha, a wonderful house, where I live from time to time. So we were on the terrace, and I did this method. I balanced his lifelines. Since then he no longer has had any back pain. For me that was very impressive. This is what we do on the third day. We treat each other all the time, so that we bring our life back into balance with what we actually want to live on Earth.
On the fourth day, we learn parent-karma release (a big highlight for me). No matter what we do in our lives, our parents accompany us from birth to death, even if they are not present anymore. Our parents are our constant companions. No matter if we love them and have them close in our lives or if we are far apart. Even if we are estranged from them, our parents are the yardstick of everything we do. When someone goes to psychotherapy like my daughter has done for many years, they always work on their parents, like my daughter has worked on me, her mother, for many years. She doesn’t want to know about spirituality, so I can’t say anything, and I’m glad that she is at least doing something. Sometimes she says that she is very upset with me and that I shouldn’t contact her for a few months until she can speak to me again. I mean she is going to be 42 this year, so she not a teenager anymore. So our parents always accompany us. We have taken up structures from our parents, which is why the parent-karma release is so important. There are now multiple other methods, which have developed from the parent-karma release. These are the ancestor release, partner release, children release. It doesn’t mean that there is no more love, it simply means that you no longer need to live someone else’s structures. We can also do addiction release. Anything that is karmic can be released by this method. I just quickly want to tell you more about the parent-karma release.

We come to Earth, and have decided to incarnate to our parents, as these parents can give us exactly the platform we need. They give us the tracks so that we can stay on course to what we want to achieve. So they are there, then we become teenagers, we are in puberty and we become difficult. Most people say it’s because of the hormones, but I think that in puberty we want to recognise ourselves as beings. It is the first time we want to experience ourselves. Nowadays, there are little beings, which will experience this differently, but I think that we didn’t find ourselves then. Then we enter young adulthood, early 20s, we are in a relationship, we are moving out, we have a job. Most of the time, we have moved out. When we move out, then we do everything the exact opposite to our parents. Probably because we think that it was annoying how they behaved with us, but in actual fact we want to remove ourselves as far as possible from our parents to be able to find ourselves.
From my own life experience; my mother was always home. My mother was a housewife: she served us breakfast, was there when we came home from school, helped us with our homework, we had rules about when we had to be home and who were and weren’t allowed to see, etc. So she was always there. I liberated myself from that with what was perceived as a great evil in those days by having my daughter at the age of 16. And moved out with 17 and didn’t finish my school. I rather stayed in a mother child house than live with my mother. I thought if she raises my kid then that would be bad. I had to work, so my child was always in childcare groups. My daughter, imagine, is the exact opposite, she’s just like my mother. She is always at home. So we always say, we don’t want what our parents had for our children and do the exact opposite, but that doesn’t always turn out good either.

So when we move out and we develop and want to find ourselves and go onto a totally different track, then spirituality helps us greatly to find ourselves. As otherwise it’s a very difficult path to finding and recognising ourselves. And when we don’t achieve this, then in our mid to end 30s, inherited diseases can arise. And this is how the parent-karma release first was conceived; to treat inherited diseases. So when we have not found us by the time we are in our mid-30s, then we get back onto tracks, which our parents have lived on as well. We have the same patterns, and that is why we get the same diseases. And of course it is in the genes. And that is, where we work with the parent-karma release. We use a threefold technique; we lead the client into a room charged with the healing of family structures, we have initiations, which allow us via the brain waves to break the chains that bind people together, and we have the healing sources of the divine mother, which are present for all of us. There are 7 healing sources of the divine mother, which carry the healing priests. This is, where everything gets removed. We remove everything, which we have in common with our parents, but which is not ours and what we have already resolved, but is still present in our genes. I have made wonderful experiences with treating inherited diseases with changes taking place overnight. But the even greater experiences I have made was observing how parents and children interact with one another; that the children become free from their parents and can therefore love their parents much more. Because they no longer share their parent’s things, they are their own. Now I have told you about four days of the training.

Every part will become more intense and even more exciting. And with this healing priest training you are capable of having an effect upon every known disease out there by touching the soul of the person, by bringing about healing in their soul. And all this is possible through love, and only pure love. I train people to recognise this and become a pure channel of love. And then you can guide this love using these methods. This helps the person to become healed in their soul, because when the soul is healed then the body is healed already. We also work with crystals. In later parts, there are healing crystals, which are of high frequencies. There are also holy oils for the six holy points on the feet. We work with aura rings, which are located around the head.

Are there any questions before I lead you into your own heaven? Because at the end it would be nice for you to be able to leave the room without having to ask anything intellectually.

A: I have trained 20 teachers so far, which are located all over Germany. I myself train in Alsace, in Ribeauville close to Colmar, in a light centre and seminar house, where I live most of the time, and also live with my husband in Freiburg. In Freiburg I do other things like healing sessions and a healing blessing every month. But the training I do in Alsace, as the house lends itself to it.

A: The training costs 3000 €, which can be paid in 6 instalments, which coincide with the parts of the training. And you can immediately work with clients after the first part. So you don’t have to wait until you’re finished with the training to be able to work. And when you are open to it, then people of course come to be healed by you. And of course healers take money for their work. This means when you are ready to show yourself, then it is possible to pay for the rest of the training from your work as a healer. Not everyone manages this of course. It all depends on if you show yourself or not. And my job as a teacher is to not only impart this great knowledge, but also to constantly support you, so you are able to show yourself. In the fifth training part, which is the last one, the sixth is only an exam, on the 10th day of the training, there is an exercise where I lead you to Atlantis into the being you were then. I lead you to Egypt, so you see what you were back then, and I lead you into the current times and into the 7th healing source, of which I am the guardian, and by taking you there you become very visible to me. I recognise what kind of being you are. For example, I see if you are an angel, some kind of reptile being, whatever world you’re from. I see that and I tell you. I tell you what you are and also develop you in this. When I see that something is preventing you from being yourself, then it’s my job that you are able to show yourself. Everything that I am capable of doing, I do, so that the wonderful healers can show themselves. It is such a great joy to see the difference in people from when they first arrive to when they leave after they complete the training.

A: There are prospectuses on the table. We have a website. We also have a healer network, where there are 23 different healing directions from the tradition of Agni. And there is more at our stall.

A: I always check with the cosmic law if a person can do this training. I don’t just say yes to fill my courses. So I look at them or from a distance through meditation. But it means you were once in Atlantis, even if it was just for a short period of time.

A: The teachers can also recognise you.

A: You cannot treat symptoms. Five people with similar symptoms have different causes for these. You always have to look at each client individually.

Many thanks for listening so intently. Many thanks for staying here. Many thanks for being here. Many thanks for your existence. Many thanks.

If you now have any more questions or want to be recognised by one of the teachers present here today, or want to know when the next course starts, then come and see us at the stall.

We look forward to seeing you. Thank you.


INSHA 2 Training in Taiwan – part 1/2*:

1.Block: November 2 – November 10, 2019;
2.Block: April 11 – April 19, 2020
Total fees: 226.000,00 Taiwan Dollar (part 1+2)
Location:LuckyOne Hostel, Changji Street, Datong District, Taipei City, 103
Teacher: Insha & Joshua
Contact: Laya, healfromarts@gmail.com
Content: www.insha.net/…/insha2


*Total duration of part 1+2 is 18 days.